2019 Rosé

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Victory Point Rosé

The 2019 season was cool with lower maximum temperatures and lower minimum temperatures in all months except October and March. Winter was typically cold and wet and conditions were good for vines in dormancy. The cool temperatures continued in spring with lower maximum temperatures and lower than average minimum temperatures in all months except October. On the morning of the 8th November, the South West experienced the worst frost event in thirty years. The damage was localised and Victory Point was not affected.
The Marri tree flowers that help keep birds out of the vineyards failed to flower this year resulting in bird pressure being higher than ever. It was necessary to cover the whole vineyard for the entire ripening period. Despite all of this hardship in the vineyard, winery analysis suggests that fruit quality is good.


The fruit was pressed, settled and fermented in neutral oak barrels and matured on yeast lees with some stirring for 4 months to aim in building texture and complexity.
The wine is made from the malbec (63%), pinot noir (19%) and cabernet franc (18%) grapes.
The completed wine is 13.5% alc/vol and was bottled with screw cap closures on 31st July, 2019.

Tasting Notes

Full salmon colour with an array of aromas including strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, white mulberry, cranberry, watermelon, red cherry, fresh spearmint and orange blossom. The palate is minerally with crunchy red fruit, cranberry acidity a creamy texture with long satisfying savoury finish.

Winemaker: Mark Messenger
100% Margaret River