Victory Point Wines Rose Jeraboam release

Are you Rosé ready for summer in Perth?

Our summer surprise has arrived.

Everyone knows that we love a party so I should not have been surprised when Gary came up with the idea of packaging our delicious Rosé in a more appropriate size – 3 litre bottles. What a great idea… Then, the task of making it happen.

Sorry for the delay, we had to import these large format bottles ourselves and of course incurred delays at most steps along the way.

Luckily, once the bottles arrived at Fremantle dock, it was still school and uni holiday time so there was a willing (?) supply of cheerful labourers to help me get the bottles down to the winery for hand filling, corking, sealing with wax and finally labelling.

The pictures tell the days story.

Available for sale at $150 each, for delivery within the Perth metro area or Margaret River. Unfortunately I do not have packaging for postage, so please come and visit us over here in the West and collect a jeraboam of Rosé to take home! Numbers are limited so first in first serve.

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