Victory Point Wines announce the release of the 2005 chardonnay.

This is the first release of chardonnay from the Victory Point vineyard and everyone involved is very proud of the wine.

The chardonnay, as with all Victory Point wines, is grown on the unirrigated and extremely low yielding vineyard, under the careful stewardship of vineyard manager, Bill Darnell and the direction of Keith Mugford and Ian Bell of Moss Wood. The wine is hand crafted under Keith's supervision and then aged for 9 months in new French barriques.

The resulting wine has beautiful texture and structure and while it has fruit intensity, is a refined style of chardonnay. (For details on how we are striving to achieve this style, please see below).

Keith's tasting notes are detailed below.

Victory Point 2005 Chardonnay

Colour and condition: light to medium straw colour in bright condition.

Nose: intense primary fruit aromas of peach and melon, with honeysuckle and orange blossom fragrances and integrated, slightly chary oak. There is additional honey and caramel-like complexity from malolactic fermentation.

Palate: distinct melon fruit flavours, with some lemon/lime citrus notes, delicate texture and medium length. Structure is well balanced, with acidity providing lift to the citrus fruit notes but not dominating and oak and grape tannins that provide a long finish without bitterness. The oak flavours of vanilla and toast further underpin the length.

Cellaring: since this is the first chardonnay wine from the vineyard, some conservatism is important. However, the wine has excellent composition and good flavours, suggesting that it will benefit from further aging, and can be cellared for at least 5 years.


We are pretty excited about the reaction to our first Chardonnay from the few people who have had the opportunity to taste it. Jude showed it to a couple of sommelliers in Melbourne and Sydney last week and they absolutely loved it.

Whatever the current trends, we have no doubt that Chardonnay is the king of white wines. It is also clear that Margaret River is consistently producing the best Chardonnay in Australia and undoubtedly some of the best Chardonnay in the world. Despite this, we feel that there is sometimes some justification in the criticisms that some Chardonnays are a little overblown.

Our aim is to draw together the best characteristics of Margaret River Chardonnay with some of the more subtle and elegant characteristics of the great French white burgundies. With this in mind, and having done a bit of tasting research, we obtained both the Mendoza clone, which is the most common Margaret River Chardonnay clone and cuttings of the Burgundian clones, 76, 95, 96 and 277, from Bill Pannell.

As some Chardonnay fans will know, Bill is the proprietor of the excellent Picardy vineyard and was a founder of Moss Wood. He bought the Burgundian clones to Australia in the early 1990's, having followed a very large clonal selection trial that had been carried out for many years in Burgundy. During that trial hundreds of chardonnay clones were analysed and those four clones were selected as the best quality.

The downside is that all four burgundian clones and the Mendoza clone are very low yielding. At present we are obtaining about tonne per acre and although we hope to increase that somewhat, the quantity will remain very limited. However the quality should continue to improve even further.

We have again sealed the wine under screw cap closure which will ensure the freshness of the floral characteristics and maintain the integrity of the wine.

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Charlie & His Marron Factory


Chardonnay is a great food wine. It matches with just about anything when drunk as an aperitif and seems to have a particular affinity with seafood. We tried it over the last month with a variety of grilled reef fish and it also went down very well with the marron Charlie caught in the attached photo, that were barbequed with garlic butter.

Gary is into cooking Spanish food at the moment and the wine certainly matches well with paella and the various other chicken and seafood dishes we have tried from that part of the world.

Like all good chardonnay it should be served just slightly chilled.


We have had a wonderful response to the cabernet blend, which was released last year. Thanks to all who have supported us and your wonderful comments.

The wine has been extremely well received, we feel we may be on the right path and our hard decisions (namely; not irrigating & striving for premium quality) have been vindicated.

At this stage, we are undertaking distribution ourselves, and continually introducing the wine to more restaurants and outlets, please check the website for an update of where it is available, and feel free to ask your favourite restaurant to stock it.
For those drinking at home, should you run out, please feel free to re-order. Again, Jude will happily arrange immediate delivery.

Limited Quantity

As the quantity produced was extremely small, we have packaged the chardonnay in 6 bottle cartons. The price per carton is $180.00.

Please print out and complete the attached order form and fax back to Judith who will dispatch your order immediately. Be quick as this wine will sell out very quickly.

Freight Charges

Unfortunately the courier charge for transporting cases of 6 bottles is the same as 12 bottle cases.

We have decided to limit the freight charge for interstate & country orders to a fixed charge, regardless of the number of cases ordered.

We can also offer a mixed dozen; 6 chardonnay / 6 cabernet by request.

Best wishes for a happy 2006 to all.

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