Welcome to the summer 2007 newsletter from Victory Point.
In this newsletter we are officially releasing the 2006 Chardonnay.

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2007 Summer as it should be in
Margaret River

It has been a dry, warm summer in Margaret River and at this stage the 2007 vintage is looking exceptional.
We did however, have a little unexpected rain in January which was much appreciated by our thirsty unirrigated vines. Consequently vine health and vigour, for this time of year, have never been better.
Overall it has been a great summer and the prospect is for a great vintage. The chardonnay grapes are already in the winery and tasting good. As always, all grapes are hand picked and we hope to have all varieties at optimal ripeness and picked within weeks.

2006 Chardonnay

As many of you will remember, 2006 was a record cool year in Margaret River – testing the summertime plans of many holidaymakers in the region.
We can recall some colourful comments made by our consultant, Keith Mugford, regarding the weather. The only publishable one being that, “we’re heading into unchartered waters” with the unprecedented long run of mild weather. His quiet prediction at the time, that 2006 could be an excellent vintage for those vineyards which achieved full ripeness and maintained disease free grapes has now been justified.

The attention to detail in the vineyard by our manager, Bill Darnell and his team, through leaf plucking, vine training and continuous canopy management meant the ripeness specification of 12.8 Baume was achieved. This indicator, together with tasting the grapes determined the picking date of 21st March, 2006.

The Wine

The 2006 vintage is made up of approximately 33% Mendoza clone with the balance being even proportions of the Burgundian clones 76,95,96 & 277.
Due to a variety of weather factors, the yields were extraordinarily low. Whilst we celebrate the resulting intensity of flavours, production was very small.
To ensure as many people as possible get to try our wine we have packaged the Chardonnay in 6 packs.

The 2006 vintage was hand picked, then sent to the winery at Moss Wood for whole bunch pressing. During primary fermentation the lees were stirred (battonage) 2-3 times for the first week, then weekly through the primary fermentation period.
The wine was fermented and aged in 100% French oak from the Tonnellerie Remond – Troncais forest.

Keith’s tasting notes

Colour & condition : a deep straw hue with green tints and the condition is bright.

Nose : The nose is especially vibrant and shows primary fruit characters typical of the new Chardonnay clones. These are reminiscent of stone fruit and include aromas of nectarine and peach, as well as grapefruit, guava and loquat. There are toasty and roasted nut-like notes in the background, as well as an interesting touch of maltiness.

Palate: On the palate the wine displays classic Chardonnay style. The stone fruit flavours fill the front and mid palate with an almost sweet generosity and these are balanced by fresh acidity and grape tannins. The wine finishes with toasty oak and malt notes from barrel aging that give a long clean finish.

Overall, the wine displays the lively fruit characters and balance that are expected from a long, cool growing season like 2006 and it drinks very well as a young wine. However, those who choose to keep it will see it develop well in the cellar for at least 5 years.

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2006 at Victory Point

We marked the end of 2006 with a wonderful celebration of the release of the 2004 Cabernet, in the shed at the Victory Point vineyard.

Having “inherited” the home made spit roaster from Jude’s brother –in-law, a date was set to welcome it to its new home. The extended Victory Point family was joined by friends on the 29th December to mark the release of the 2004 Cabernet sauvignon/malbec/franc/petit verdot.
Following in the tradition of Lulu Peyraud and her family of, Domaine Tempier in Bandol (whose published cookbook is our family Bible); the sheep was cooked over a slow burning fire of old French oak barrels. Rosemary brooms were fashioned from bundles of Gracetown rosemary bush bound onto old rake handles and used to baste the sheep with a combination of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, wine lemon juice & cayenne pepper.

After six hours, Gary and Bill set to the carving task and fed the hungry, salivating party.
The rich lamb flavours were cut with the spice of cayenne and combined with The 2004 Victory Point cabernet to perfection.

One of the joys of Margaret River cabernet is their ability to be such an enjoyable wine in the early stages of development and also reward cellaring. Luckily, we reserved a few pallets of the 2004 for sales and the cellar so the whole vintage was not consumed on the day – despite the efforts of Jude’s Dad in making sure everyone had a taste.

The traditional Victory Point cricket match was overtaken by the children.

Update – 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot

Still a mouthful to say, but getting noticed in the restaurant trade and drinking beautifully.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, Victory Point wines are being well supported by the sommeliers of many of the best restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Margaret River. The 2004 has raised the interest to another level. Click here to review the restaurant list .

Thanks to our loyal mailing list for all the orders and we're sure you are enjoying tasting the evolution of the wine and the vintage differentiation. In Margaret River, 2004 was generally considered a better vintage than 2003 and at Victory Point, we feel the wine has matured markedly with just one extra year vine age. The full fruit flavours of the '03 are enhanced with more structure and depth.

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